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  • 5-year warranty for wood 5-year warranty for wood
  • Designed and made in the Alps Discover Designed and made in the Alps Discover
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  • A maintenance free wood A maintenance free wood

Wooden shower

XXL Shower

Delivery: 4 to 6 weeks from order receipt  Outdoor shower made of Western Red Cedar Clear 2, equipped with a set of timed mixed water showers. The chrome showerhead is tamper-proof with automatic flow regulation. The stainless steel overhead shower features anti-limescale nozzles for added convenience.

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Størvatt  bath towel
Størvatt bath towel
Price CHF45
Størvatt towel
Størvatt towel
Price CHF24
Størvatt bathrobe
Størvatt bathrobe
Price CHF110
Price CHF4,500.00 Tax included

Secure payment Installation & delivery

XXL Shower Størvatt

Timed mixed water shower set (approx. 30 sec timer), flow rate 6L/min at 3 bar. Complies with ACS standards and certifications. Anti-blocking system AB: water flows only when the push button is released.

Stainless steel adjustable shower head (omnidirectional at 15°) with anti-limescale pins.

Shower head: Ø30cm

Wooden shower diameter: Ø120cm

Total height: 246 cm

Tank alone in red cedar Clear 2 VG  (Vertical grain purged of all knots, imperfections and flat veins) / 1 chrome finish push button / 38mm staves / 3 stainless steel rings / 2 support beams/ Red cedar cover

Practical, simple and functional

After one or several sauna sessions, take a cold shower to cool down your body. The alternation of heat and cold is beneficial for health, leaving your skin refreshed. The cold shower tightens the pores of the skin after exposure to the sauna heat, thereby promoting better blood circulation.

Uncompromising quality

The stainless steel bar hoops ensure that the entire unit is optimally clamped. A system of couplers, also in stainless steel, means that you can adjust tension as required. The robustness of the hoops allows us to provide an unlimited guarantee against frost. The solid wood base is machined with unparalleled precision, ensuring a perfect flow of water towards its center.

Offering you an extraordinary experience is great, but accompanying it with peace of mind is even better. The Storvatt experience is also an opportunity for you to benefit from a unique level of expertise and exacting standards, guaranteeing high-quality materials and long-term durability.

Engraved plaque
Stainless steel showerhead

Adjustable showerhead

Simple and practical emptying

Timed shower set


It's very easy to install, the bath arrives fully pre-assembled.

Download the layout plans with the technical requirements, as well as the installation and user manuals, below.


Red cedar is a naturally rot-resistant wood that requires no maintenance. Over time, the wood will take on a beautiful silver-grey hue. The filtration system should be serviced weekly to clean the filter cartridge, replace bromine tablets and check the pH level. For private use, the water should be emptied approximately once every 3 months.

A deposit of 40% is required with the order by bank transfer or cheque to confirm the order. The balance must be received before delivery or dispatch by bank transfer or cheque. On the day of delivery by cheque if installed by us.

There are two possibilities:

- Shipped by courier, on receipt the bath is very easy to install with the manual.

- Delivery and installation by our technicians. An estimate will be drawn up for you based on ease of access and your geographical location.

- Expédition par transporteur, à réception le bain est très facile à installer avec le manuel.

- Livraison et installation par nos techniciens, un devis vous sera établi selon la facilité d'accès et votre situation géographique.

The structure of the baths (wood, hoops) is guaranteed for 5 years. We provide a lifetime guarantee against frost (excluding machinery). The machinery (heating and filtration unit) is guaranteed for 2 years.


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