A Størvatt Nordic bath is a state of mind, a mentality, a special pleasure..

It's the end of the week, night is beginning to fall, the Nordic bath is full and you're lighting a fire in the stove. Some kindling to get you started, the wood starts to crackle, you add a few logs and replace the lid on the stove. After a few minutes, a light steam appears on the surface of the water. After two or three hours, the Nordic bath is at 39°, the ideal temperature. The rest of the family, impatient, come across the garden to the bath. You immerse yourself slowly into the warm water, the sensation is unique. A feeling of warmth and well-being. With your shoulders covered, your body becomes lighter, your muscles relax under the effect of the heat, only the crackling of the wood fire can be heard, the smell of the wood fire and red cedar essence is lingers in the air... and you think to yourself “wow, this is so good!”

Let yourself be tempted by an extraordinary, timeless sensory experience.

It's a fact that we're all in a hurry, that everything moves too fast. Who doesn't dream of having more time for themselves, for others, for friends and family?

Time to enjoy life a little more?

The Størvatt philosophy reflects this need for a break: "Carpe Diem", better to have remorse than regret.

Turn off the lights...

Forget phones, tablets and mobiles, light a few candles and let yourself be enchanted by the crackling and pleasant smell of the wood fire, the fragrance of red cedar... the silence.

You relax, chat, reconnect with yourself, you feel good.


A unique feeling.

Relax in an outdoor sauna, Nordic bath or wooden spa. At any time of day, the experience is intense: during the day for two, at dusk with the family, at night with friends, each moment is experienced differently.

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