Nordic bath, spa or sauna ?  

Relaxation and pleasure, yes, but... do you prefer hot water, dry heat or both? To help you choose the best Storvatt product, follow the guide and prepare your installation.

First and foremost, a bath or spa is a great way to share moments together as a couple, with friends or family. The sauna is a more intimate place to relax, inviting you to take a more inward journey. 

The two types of product are therefore designed for different uses and habits, but are nonetheless complementary (although you can love both!). After a sports session or a week of hard work, a hot bath (with or without a massage jet) or a sauna session will provide the same benefits (joint and muscle relaxation), but the experience will be totally different

How to choose the size of my Størvatt? For how many people?

Focus on everyday use rather than the one-offs! 

There's a Størvatt for everyone! With over 20 years' experience, our products are just as suitable for families of 4 to 6 people as they are for couples. We also have large sizes for professional projects, large families and evenings relaxing with friends! 

Are you more inclined to lie down completely or not iin a sauna? This will help you decide on the finish that's best suited to your needs! The "alcove" finish lets you air out on the two benches at the entrance to the sauna between 2 sessions. If you want more space inside, then the "cap" or "flush" finishes will be the right option for you.

How often will you use it - daily/weekly or during the holidays?

If you plan to install your Størvatt product in your main place of residence, it's important to adapt it to the time you don't have available! 

For the Nordic bath, heating with wood is a pleasure for some, and a constraint for others (you have to reload with wood, monitor the temperature, stir the water, etc.). That's why we offer a hybrid system for easy, automated bath management. However, the temperature rises more quickly with a fire than with an electric heater.

For those who don't want to build a fire, a 100% electric solution is available, as with the spa, which is ideal for use in built-up areas.

Does the effervescence of the spa appeal to you?

It will operate 100% electrically, so you'll need to keep the spa at operating temperature for regular use, as the electric heater doesn't heat up quickly. You can control the temperature remotely from your tablet or smartphone. Once the target temperature has been reached, simply remove the insulated lid and slip into the water you've been dreaming of

The unusual into your garden.

The sauna is highly functional, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing session of around 30 to 45 minutes. A wood-burning stove can be used to heat the sauna if there is no electricity supply to the sauna. 



Baths and spas require a nearby water source (a garden hose will do) for filling and cleaning. We strongly advise you to use mains water to avoid any bacteriological risk. 

A drainage solution should be provided at the centre of the system, connected to the mains, or in a buried well. When it's not possible to install a drainage system, Storvatt offers a drainage kit with a quick-fit coupling. 

For saunas, which can be cleaned simply by wiping the benches with a sponge, no drainage is required. 

You'll need a power supply for your bath (if fitted with a filtration unit), spa or sauna (no extension cords connected to external sockets!). A qualified electrician will easily be able to pull a cable from your electrical panel, which will be connected and correctly sized to a dedicated earth leakage circuit breaker. 

Of course, for all products, the installation surface must be flat, level and capable of supporting the weight of the sauna or water bath/spa. Ideally away from prying eyes and, if possible, facing an attractive unobstructed view. 

Leave plenty of room to breathe and move around your Størvatt product! An additional minimum radius of one metre is required. 

For example: for a bath with a diameter of 1.80m, allow a minimum of 3.80m for maintenance, deckchairs, planters, wood storage and a towel rail (see layout plans for each model).

Think of a small "buffer" wood shed installed near the bath, to avoid having to go back and forth to refill with logs. 

One final point: a Storvatt product enhances the appearance of your home and adds value to your property. 

Don't hide your Storvatt - integrate it harmoniously into the design of your house and garden, making it an integral part of your garden!

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