Saunas, spas, or Nordic baths for every configuration.

From 2 to 10 people, wood or electric heating, with or without massaging jets, outside or inside your establishment, the Størvatt team offers you new solutions that will help you enhance your professional projects with professional sauna, Nordic bath and outdoor pro spa equipment to suit all landscape configurations and all types of clientele. We invite you to expand your professional project alongside us and at the same time give your establishment a magical touch with one of these wonderful Størvatt products that will give each of your customers a unique and unrivalled experience and take your professional or business projects to the top. It's up to you!

A large number of professionals have placed their trust in us. Hotel, gîte, restaurant, refuge, inn, hut and chalet.

Standards and safety for custom-built saunas, spas and Nordic baths

As well as being environmentally friendly, Størvatt products require very little maintenance, with no need to use chemicals for cleaning. Once drained, baths and spas only need to be hosed down and brushed before refilling. A filtration system with high-performance water treatment is compulsory in public areas.


For spas and baths, the technical units are supplied on a plate, ready to connect. Chlorine/Ph regulation is available as an option, and can be controlled remotely. If we do not supply the control system, we strongly advise you to have one installed by the professional of your choice.

Breakdown service / After-sales service

We support you throughout the lifespan of your Størvatt.

All parts and consumables are always available, whether your Størvatt is new or dates back to the beginnings of Størvatt in 1997.

A technician is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, from water treatment to parts tracking and advice on use.

We supply all consumables, cartridge filters, water treatment products, spa covers, all products for saunas including essential oils, buckets and ladles, thermometers and hourglasses.

For all after-sales service requests, please fill in our contact form.

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